Personale Odontologia

Personale Odontologia


Try to remember a pleasant sensation you have experienced. It was probably that paradisiacal beach where you spent your vacation or a hug from your loved one, or even the hard-earned victory of your favorite team. Sensations are part of our lives. The more intense, the best they are kept in our memories. So, what sensations would you like to experience when you visit your dentist? The best ones possible, right? Welcome to Personale Odontologia.

A nossa alegria é ver o seu belo sorriso como resultado de nosso trabalho.

Orthodontics - What is it?

Harmony. Aesthetic. Functionality. These are the main functions of an orthodontic treatment. Gone are the days when the excuse to avoid those feared braces was aesthetic.

Cosmetic Dentistry - What is it?

Transforming your smile. This is the role of cosmetic dentistry. This transformation happens by modifying the color and shape of the teeth, bringing harmony to the patient’s whole face.

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